The Harlem Edge

Program: Education, Transportation
Size: 4000 m²
Client: Nourishing NYC
Collaborators: Yashar Ghasemkhani, Poone Sadrimanesh
Location: New York, USA
Status: Competition
Year: January 2012

The new Marine Transfer Station, A generator of interactions

The complex promotes the idea of “cultivating connections” both physically as well as in its performance as a center for hydroponic production combined with a multi-level bridge, and an event box. As a research and production center, the new MTS promotes collaboration among active institutions in West Harlem, particularly among local community groups and Columbia University with its undergoing project for a new campus adjacent to our site. It also benefits West Harlem by educating and promoting urban agriculture and healthy nourishments as well as creating new job opportunities for locals.

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A multi-level bridge which increases pedestrian and bicycle access to different levels of the site. It creates the missing link among Hudson green-way, Riverbank State Park, West Harlem Park and West Harlem neighborhood. At the water level, the bridge widens as an extension of Piers Park to accommodate different educational and entertainment programs for public all year round.


Is flexible container, capable to accommodate various scales of events associated with the complex educational and leisure plans as well as its promotion and fund raising strategies. It is also receptive to outside contribution of locals and NYC.
Hydroponic Research, Production and Distribution Center Utilizes the existing decommissioned facility and incorporates it as the major production component of the new complex.
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