Prilesie Logistic Center

Program: Master Plan, Mixed-use
Size: 45000 m²
Client: Prilesie Company
Collaborators: DC4S, Macina
Location: Minsk, Belarus
Status: Construction
Year: December 2008

Logistic centers are complexes for planning and monitoring the flow of goods and materials. They provide warehousing and transportation services to companies for their supply change management functions. Today, Logistics centers as generators of new potentials and possibilities for companies play an essential role in modern affairs in commerce and business.
The key point of today`s logistics centers is that because of absolute emphasis on functional organization, their appearance does not seem to be in balance with their economic importance. While visual impressions play an important part in modern marketing strategies, their plastic doesn`t provide the attraction they deserve regarding the fundamental role they play for many companies and investors. Through a brilliant design, logistics centers can achieve their rightful position as modern commercial complexes. This will help them to gain added value, improve their quality and attract investors both in public and private sectors.
Our aim is to break through the conventional image of logistics centers as a sheer industrial center for transportation of goods to a modern commercial complex capable of attracting a wide range of private investors, banks and companies to establish their organizations and headquarters. In this new definition, Logistics center is a multi-purpose organization which provides a wide range of services from financial to industrial.



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