Linda Flora Residence

Program: Single family dwelling
Size: 500 m²
Client: Confidential
Collaborators: PDLab
Location: Los Angeles, USA
Status: Completed
Year: April 2017

The Linda Flora Residence is located in Bel-Air Los Angeles, perched and anchored on a crest of the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains.  The design takes every advantage of its beautiful site and makes its statement through the exploration of dualities.  The residence fuses both privacy and openness, indoors and outdoors, horizontality and verticality, craftsmanship and digital fabrication.  It is an opulent gem fabricated and fused into its natural setting.

The street façade of the residence is sculptural and opaque; closed off to provide privacy from passersby.  Closed-off to make a dramatic event of the reveal of the landscape that falls beyond its volume.  It is comprised of long horizontal bands forged and formed of contrasting black slate and ivory colored plaster and interlocked with a richly toned IPE wood volume.  This horizontality is further punctured by a brass-toned vertical volume which houses an internal elevator.  The cladding of the elevator volume is back-lit and digitally CNC-cut with a custom pattern.  This volume emerges as a beacon pushing up from the ground.  Its verticality punctuates the horizontality of the residence which would otherwise appear to almost slide alongside the slope of the street.

Upon opening the street-facing garage door, one is given a dramatic show of the beautiful views that fall beyond the front facade.  The open door reveals that the back face of the garage has no walls, and the viewer is afforded an unhindered look at the canyon and valley which fall behind the residence.  This is the first dramatic show of the residence’s relationship with its natural surroundings and outdoor environment.

As exemplified in the garage, the canyon-facing façade is in direct opposition to the street façade.  The canyon façade allows the residents to move freely from indoor to outdoor, as well as the spaces in-between.  It opens itself fully to the incredible views of the hillside, of the city lights of downtown LA and all the way to the Pacific Ocean.  It blends the boundaries of indoor and outdoor living.

Every indoor space has extraordinary views and is provided with its own adjacent outdoor living area.  The central stair and Entry area access directly to a covered Patio.  The Master Suite accesses a private patio area and connects to the expansive 1,200 sq.ft. Rooftop Patio.  The Guest Suite opens to a quiet outdoor area at the north end of the property.  A Second Floor Bedroom has a covered balcony to the south.  Each of these spaces complement and connect to the Main Outdoor Living space and swimming pool which accompany the Main Indoor Living and Entertainment Area.

The central nucleus of the residence is the custom-built staircase that is found just beyond the elevator volume and oversized, pivoting front door.  The stair, with its faceted underside, scissors and loops its way between the Guest Suite, Garage and Master Suite that are stacked on the north end of the residence, and the Main Living Areas, Bedrooms, and Rooftop Patio stacked in the long, horizontal southern volume.  It is adjacent to a double-height glass wall and offers views and a connection to the outdoor spaces at all times.  The narrative of the residence and its spaces unfolds as one moves between levels and landings.

The heart of the residence is the Main Living and Entertainment Area.  This area is comprised of an indoor/outdoor room, made possible by the over-sized sliding glass walls that give way between the Living Area and the ground level Patio and swimming pool.  This area is anchored by a custom designed and fabricated Kitchen.  A sculptural statement is created with the faceted and angled island/bar that floats through the center of the space. A dramatic backdrop to the Kitchen island is created from bespoke floor to ceiling Eucalyptus veneered millwork and a book-matched Onice Velluto slab wall.  This space is an opulent and luxurious show-piece made for entertaining or lounging in splendor.

The Linda Flora Residence is a carefully crafted gem that shows off both the natural beauty of the Bel-Air hillside and the exquisite design and fabrication skills of its creators.