Guggenheim Helsinki Museum

Program: Museum
Size: 12000 m²
Client: Guggenheim
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Status: Competition
Year: September 2014

XYZ” is a new type of iconography. It is based on innovative building performance, exploring ultimate flexibility, public interaction, security and operation. On the other hand it promotes a signature form for Guggenheim as a “brand”. One memorable form that is humble enough not to dwarf the historical surrounding buildings. It is positioned in such a way not to block any existing heritage building. Its 3dimensional expansion toward city (market hall), Tahititornin Vuori Park, water and sky makes this complex a unique and integral part of the city which embraces extreme intervention from all sides. The complex becomes a new typology not merely for preserving and displaying art but also as an incubator to engage and create. The goal is to create a provocative machine which is a complex, controversial, interactive urban and social generator.

01 hor ver


A base housing exhibition galleries and offices.
A tower accommodating vertical galleries as well as atrium.
02 lift


The base lifted to reach desirable security level.
03 shift


The offices moved to the outside edge of building to access natural light.

04 ent


Main entrance connects the building to urban fabric and city center.
05 interlock


The back of the house and amenities form with a rather organic approach following site lines in order to fully interact and integrate with landscape.
06 plugin


Plug-in features facilitate exhibitions expansion and contraction vertically. Plug-ins are transferable connections providing shortcuts between galleries.
07 final

The result is a versatile and vibrant complex which capitalizes on all the site potentials.
09 IMG1
010 IMG2
011 IMG3
012 IMG4
013 IMG5
014 img6
015 img7
016 img8
017 img9