Building for Bouwkunde

Program: Education
Size: 60000 m²
Client: Delft University
Collaborators: DC4S
Location: Delft, Netherlands
Status: Competition
Year: October 2008

The new Bouwkunde is not just a building; it is a double strategy .It is an urban generator, a phenomenon that
promotes “urbanization”, in constant interaction with its context as an emitter and receiver of energy. It intends
to push the dimensions of architectural practice to real urban experience as well as to engage citizens directly
in the process of brainstorming and production about architecture and the city.

01 STR


 The building is a neutral container of multiplicity. It is not substantial; it is a “void” to be cultivated. It says “yes” to everything by allowing intervention from sides, students and the city. Its main objective is to enhance “creativity” by turning “users” to “actors”. Architects have the most passion to manipulate the space. In this way, the building offers a great potential to become manipulated. On the other hand, by absorbing urban events, it goes beyond the premises of a conventional faculty. Engaging directly with the context, it becomes a “palace” for urban interactions, light, flexible, mutative, modern.


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