Studio ReHubLic is a Toronto based international practice,  specializing in urban design, landscape design, architecture, interior design, product design, research and development. The design of ReHubLic is led by Arash Mesbah and our portfolio of work includes projects in Canada and United States,…

With a support of a passionate and seasoned team ReHubLic have been successful in realizing projects in various scales. The work of ReHubLic is known for its analytical approach, outside of the box thinking, spatial uniqueness, formal elegance and contextual engagement.

ReHubLic is a mélange of paradoxes. Rough and Refined, Potent and Impotent, Rational and Irrational, Artistic and Scientific, Vertical and Horizontal, Old and New, Ornamental and Plain, Constrained and Liberated, Construction and Destruction, Rigid and Fluid, Fantasy and Reality, Typical and Atypical, Handcrafted and Digital, serious and playful… each of which forms within curiosities of individual, social, religious, cultural, economic, environmental, technological… context.
This dichotomy reverberates in the DNA of each and every project.


Re conveys the refinement, re-do, re-use, re-cycle, re-organize disposition of architecture. We are continuously developing rigorous methods of analysis and execution to maintain originality and relationship.

Hub signifies versatility, flexibility and centrality. It is a platform for architects, designers, builders, artisans, clients and visionaries to share, analyze, conceptualize, visualize and materialize their ideas. This community enables us to thrive designing, developing and coordinating projects anywhere in the world.

Lic assures you that we are licensed


2018-  Best Architecture and Interior Design of International Property Award for Linda Flora Residence

2012- Received an Honorable Mention for The Harlem edge competition

2008- Shortlisted in Building for Bouwkunde competition

2008- Winner of the Kermanshah science building competition in collaboration with DC4S

2007- Shortlisted in Tehran Bagh-e-Noor competition

2007- Received an Honorable mention for Melli Award competition










Arash Mesbah